Being Practical

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Today marks the first day of a new and exciting journey for me!  I decided to start blogging about a passion of mine…saving money!! I’ve always been pretty practical.  Whenever it comes to buying anything, I am always researching ways on how to buy it at the lowest possible price.

Take for example ordering a simple flannel shirt.  Say I’m in a local retail store perusing around and come across a nice flannel shirt that I think will look great on my husband.  I’ll look at the price and feel the quality (like most women right?) and then look at the tag to see if it’s on sale.  If it is on sale, I’m not going to just hop in line and purchase it right away.  I immediately get on my phone and start searching other retail store websites to see if I can find it cheaper.  The one unfortunate side effect of this type of comparison shopping is that I don’t get to feel the quality of the material.  That being said, I will still try to find the best price at a store or online that has a fairly easy return policy. Returns are hassles, but to me, it is worth the savings in the long run!

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself for being so practical.  Other times I wonder if I would be just as practical if I had a lot of disposable income.  Wow, disposable income…that’s fun to say! I suspect I would probably remain the same.  I just can’t justify spending more money for the same item just because I can.  It doesn’t feel right!

Coming soon….saving money on groceries!



Author: livingfrugalfab

Hey! I'm Kimi, nice to meet you! I am a 40 something married mother of 3 kids and 2 fur babies trying to live a frugal live, fabulously! I decided to take up blogging as a hobby to see where it takes me! Thanks for reading my blog! I look forward to meeting you! Leave me a comment with your first name, what city you're representing and how you plan on living frugalfab!

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